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64th Idaho Legislature, Second Session


AMG Capitol Review February 16, 2018

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Updated February 2, 2018

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1) To lengthen the period of time in which state water districts can hold annual meetings. 2) Add language to Section 42-605(4) clarifying that absentee voting and proxy voting are prohibited. IDWR frequently receives questions regarding absentee and proxy voting. 3) Remove unnecessary or duplicate language throughout the section.

3rd Reading




This proposed legislation amends Chapter 2, Title 42, Idaho Code, to clarify that the director shall not curtail a participant in an approved water management plan within a critical ground water area so long as the participant is in compliance with the approved water management plan.

3rd Reading



To encourage water right holders to update their water right records, this bill proposes to amend section 42-221O, Idaho Code, to charge a flat fee of only $50.00 per water right for a transfer application updating the legal description of the point of diversion or place of use for a water right when no physical change is proposed and no unauthorized water use change has occurred.

3rd Reading



Authorizes a non-refundable income tax credit for short line transportation investment and maintenance into Idaho's short line railroad infrastructure. This legislation provides 50% income tax credit on the value of investment, capped at $3,500 per mile of track owned/operated by the short line railroad in Idaho. If not used by the short line railroad, credit is transferable only to railroad customers and vendors. The effective date is January 1, 2019, and sunsets in five years in 2024.

3rd Reading



In conjunction with Executive Order 2017-13, the purpose of this legislation is to make the Workforce Development Council more responsive to the needs of Idaho employers; to address the shortage of well-educated, trained, and skilled employees available in Idaho's labor market; and to help ensure Idaho's continued economic growth by implementing recommendations of the Governor's Workforce Development Task Force.

Comr & Human Resource


This is an FY 2018 supplemental appropriation bill for the Soil and Water Conservation Commission. It includes an additional $25,000 in onetime personnel costs from the Federal Grant Fund for grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to hire a temporary sagebrush landscape restoration specialist.

3rd Reading



This legislation would allow wineries and vintners to use customized private labels on wines for hotels and restaurants that are produced by that winery or vintner, and personalized private labels on wines for consumers that are produced by that winery or vintner. Federal labeling standards shall be followed and the label approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury.

State Affairs



The purpose of this legislation is to provide clarification of the original legislative intent of the Idaho Equipment Dealer Protection Statute by prohibiting equipment suppliers from substantially changing the equipment dealer's competitive circumstances without good cause. This legislation also adds clarity to ensure that persons interpreting this statute understand that the terms of a dealer agreement may not impact the determination of whether there has been a substantial change in the dealer's competitive  circumstances.




This bill relates to income taxes. The bill will conform the Idaho income tax code to changes made to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) that affect the 2018 taxable year, including but not limited to standard deduction increase, personal and dependent exemption elimination, and miscellaneous business income tax changes. The Idaho income tax code is based on using the federal taxable income as a starting point for both business and individual income tax returns. This bill also creates a nonrefundable Idaho child tax credit of $130 per qualifying child. Additionally it reduces personal income tax rate by 0.475%, in all brackets, and reduces the corporate income tax rate by 0.475%.




No Position

This legislation adds a requirement that a review of the net worth be included in the relicensing of seed buyers and clarifies the criteria under which the licensee will be approved or renewal denied.

Ag Affairs




Allows for inmate labor to work for private employers in the production, harvesting and processing of Idaho agricultural products. Agricultural products include horticultural, viticulture, forestry, dairy, livestock, poultry, bee and any farm products.





Appropriates an additional $209,900 to the Department of Agriculture for fiscal year 2018 for organic inspections; authorizes 2.00 additional full-time equivalent positions for FY 2018; and declares an emergency

3rd Reading


Appropriates and transfers $209,700 from the General Fund to the Pest Control Deficiency Fund for fiscal year 2018.

3rd Reading