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Revised 1/19/2000

The following procedure is to assist the membership in understanding the method of presenting legislative issues to Food Producers of Idaho (FPI) for consideration by the membership.

1. Anyone may request the opportunity to make a presentation on a legislative issue before Food Producers of Idaho. If you desire to make a presentation at a regular meeting of FPI, contact the FPI office, 208/888-0988, for approval twenty-four hours prior to the day of the meeting to be placed on the agenda.

2. We prefer that you have a copy of the legislative issue being presented for consideration by the membership, or a written statement concerning the issue that can be passed on to the FPI membership.

3. Copies of material or information about a legislative issue will first be presented at a regular FPI meeting. If desired, copies will be mailed to the FPI membership immediately following the meeting. The name of the sponsoring individual or organization, along with a phone number, will appear in all mailed material so that additional information may be obtained by contacting the sponsoring party.

4. At the next meeting of FPI the issue will be voted on by the members present.

5. Voting on legislative issues before the FPI members will be one vote per organization holding voting membership. If more than one person from the organization is present, all may speak to the issues; however, only one person may cast the vote on behalf of that organization. Voting on legislative issues for FPI will require a 75% approval for the organizationís endorsement (e.g., 20 possible votes Ė 4 abstain; therefore, there must be 12 of the remaining 16 as "aye" votes to reach the 75% approval). Voting procedures will be handled as follows:

  1. Issue will be voted on initially by voice or visual vote.
  2. If there are dissenting votes, a roll-call vote of full voting members will be held. (A secret ballot may be requested by any voting member.)
  3. Those voting "no" will be recorded in the minutes and reported on any correspondence related to the issue of the dissenting voterís desire.
  4. On roll-call votes, proxy votes will be recorded for full voting members with the name of the person and their vote recorded in the minutes as a proxy vote.

6. Due to the wide variety of interests served by FPI, all those presenting information before the membership are asked to respect a maximum 15-minute presentation time per issue.

7. FPI encourages legislative presentations on issues and, when possible, a balanced approach to presenting both sides of an issue. Legislators will be given preference in presenting proposed legislation, regardless of the philosophy of the legislation.

8. If, in the judgement of the membership, the intent of a legislative bill changes significantly following FPI endorsement, then the measure may need to be reconsidered by the membership.

9. Since time is a primary factor on legislative issues, the FPI Executive Committee (president, vice president, secretary) can act on issues on behalf of the membership between meetings. All Executive Committee decisions will need to be reported at the next meeting of the membership.